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LG G2 purportedly spied in promo shots, may carry backside volume buttons


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LG has teased the Optimus G's successor for awhile, but we've seen precious little of the phone's design. We may have just received a better peek: a tipster has sent @evleaks some images that appear to come from a promo video for the flagship device. While the snapshots are clearly victims of Mr. Blurrycam, they're detailed enough to suggest a big break from last year's model. They show both a previously seen buttonless front as well as an extremely slim profile that moves the volume controls to the back. There's also no mention of the Optimus badge -- all the on-screen graphics simply refer to the phone as the "G2." None of the images are verifiable, so there's no guarantee that they reflect the real thing. If we happen to see something similar-looking on August 7th, however, it won't come as a surprise.

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