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The Daily Grind: When has a beta left you hungry for more?

Eliot Lefebvre

I'm going to be completely honest and say that I logically have no real need for the Final Fantasy XIV beta any longer. I know enough about the game that I'm ready to jump in once open beta rolls around, I don't doubt that I'll enjoy the relaunch, and everything else I do is just going to be wiped away. So I find myself thinking that really, I can pass on taking part in the testing.

Except every time another weekend approaches I find myself ready to jump right back into Eorzea because what I have played has just made me want more.

The mark of a good beta isn't just that it allows you to provide feedback on broken parts but that it gets you excited about all the stuff that is working. There's an element of enthusiasm to this phase of testing, a desire to keep playing and keep trying new things. So today I ask, when has a beta left you hungry for more? When has the version of the game that isn't ready for launch made you feel a desire for the launch edition more keenly?

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