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The Secret World updated 1.7 features today, not Issue #7 content

MJ Guthrie

The Secret World fans who might have gotten overly excited for a stealth launch for the upcoming Issue #7 A Dream to Kill are in for a bit of disappointment: Today's patch contains all the fixes and code features for the update, but does not activate the new content. That said, the launchpad announcement makes it sound like the new content can be turned on with a flip of a switch, so the new missions and flamethrower auxiliary weapon may not be too far behind.

However, even without snowmobile chases, base-jumping, and flamethrower, update 1.7 is a hefty one, filled with tons of tweaks and bug fixes to combat, signets, dungeons, PvP, and more. For a full run-down of all the changes, check out the patch notes.

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