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Minecraft convention heads to sunny Orlando in November


Minecon 2013, the third annual Minecraft convention, will be held in Orlando, Florida, from November 2 - 3, with tickets and hotels available in July.

Notch says he chose Orlando by spinning a globe and sticking a sword through it, but we assume there are other reasons for his pick. Obviously, Orlando is the sole home of Universal Studios' magical theme park, The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Also, the weather in November should be absolutely lovely.

Minecon 2012 was held in Disneyland Paris in November and drew in 7,000 fans, and the previous year it set up shop in Las Vegas, Nevada. The 2011 event saw 5,000 attendees, and it hosted impressive scale models of real-life Minecraft beasts, including a 40 foot Enderdragon.

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