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WSJ: Google developing Android console; eyes on Apple, Ouya


Google is developing a game console that runs on Android, Wall Street Journal reports. The console is in development alongside a wrist watch powered by Android.

Google is interested in the console and watch as a buffer against whatever devices Apple has planned for the future, the report says. One person mentioned that Google has been watching the Ouya, the Kickstarted and open Android console that just launched to the public for $99 a pop. Amazon sold out of its Ouya stock early in the first day, but is back in business now.

As for the watch, wearable computing isn't a new idea – it's one that Valve founder Gabe Newell in particular finds intriguing. Valve is working on a Steam Box, which is so far described as a cheap, in-home streaming console that runs on Linux. Newell, like Google, is also keeping a close eye on Apple.

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