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Champions of Demah need Kickstarter cash to go questing


Champions of Demah is a real-time strategy (RTS) meets third-person action hybrid seeking your Kickstarter fund attention. You've set one of those by now, right? The game has two core game modes. In the RTS portion, players build their castle, upgrades and command troops. In third-person, players take direct control of a single trooper, who they've upgraded through a skill tree.

The game is being developed by NRD Studios, a group of nine developers based in Gävle, Sweden. According to their website, the studio's only other credit is a game called Wordsearch & Destroy.

The studio is seeking £100,000 ($153,000) to complete the multiplayer project, which they say will support up to 32 players online and is being designed for Windows and Mac. Head on over to the Champions of Demah Kickstarter page for much more on this ambitious project.

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