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Netflix adds movie selection service 'Max' today on PS3


Netflix will introduce "Max" on PlayStation 3 today, a new interactive way to find movies and TV shows. Created by Jellyvision Labs (which shares a founder in Harry Gottlieb of Jackbox Games, the studio behind kooky game show You Don't Know Jack), the Max app features a familiar vibe for anyone who has squared off against Cookie Masterson. And no, it's a different voice.

Max is incorporated within the category sections of the PS3 Netflix browser – it's not a separate program. Once you click on it, you'll play a You Don't Know Jack-lite game. Max will offer up a movie, which you can start watching immediately, add to your queue or receive a 30-second pitch on.

Todd Yellin, vice president of product innovation at Netflix, told us that Max was conceived of in 2007 when Jellyvision and the pair did some testing. The companies re-engaged in 2011 and Max is ready for its debut this week. Netflix will integrate Max into other platforms as time goes on.

Also, no, this does not mean we should expect You Don't Know Jack movie trivia as a direct app within Netflix. We totally asked.

Update: Jellyvision Labs and Jellyvision Games (now Jackbox Games) are wholly separate entities. We've updated the story to reflect this. Here is a statement from Marc Blumer, marketing director at Jackbox Games: "Just wanted to let you know that Netflix's 'Max' app, while awesome, is not a product of Jackbox Games, but instead was produced by Jellyvision Labs – a wholly separate entity that does share a founder in Harry Gottlieb but is in fact a different company altogether from our games development studio."

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