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Breakfast Topic: When does your raid group call progression "done"?


World of Warcraft has become episodic entertainment for many players today: Hop in for a couple of months to see the content, run up a few characters, then dip into the Raid Finder before dropping out again until the next content patch. That's all fine and good for the solo types, but what if you're an integral member of a raiding group? What happens to the raid when members start deciding they've seen enough sights this expansion, thank you very much?

Blizzard turns out new content at a fast enough clip these days that many groups never run out of raiding content before the next batch arrives. Problem solved. But what happens when your group tops off the current tier before the new stuff hits? Is there a point at which your leader declares the current tier "complete"? Does your group move on to heroic mode, or are you satisfied once you've run normal? How long does your raiding group keep farming? Do you typically drop out or change characters once you've gotten what you personally want from a raid? What happens to players who haven't gotten everything they want from a tier yet?

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