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802.11ac WiFi fix coming for latest MacBook Airs


Apple's latest MacBook Airs, unveiled at WWDC in June, have received rave reviews for their performance and -- most notably -- their battery life. However, the latest generation of Apple's sleek portable is reported to be suffering from some pretty annoying WiFi issues relating to its new 802.11ac WiFi chip. However, it appears that Apple is working quickly to squash the bug.

As AppleInsider notes, some owners of the latest MacBook Air models who are in Apple's AppleSeed program have received emails from the company inviting them to beta test a prerelease version of the "MacBook Air WiFi Update 1.0." Apple doesn't state what issues the update addresses; instead the company only asks for feedback on the machines WiFi capabilities after the update is installed.

There are no clues pointing to when the general public may get access to the software update, but Apple's 13-inch MacBook Pro with Retina display also suffered from WiFi issues after it first shipped in October. By December, Apple had issued a software fix to address the problem.

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