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SOE drop-pods two new battleground videos into the PlanetSide 2 fray


The primary conflict in PlanetSide 2 centers on three factions fighting for control of three enormous continents. And while Esamir, Indar, and Amerish offer players hundreds of square miles on which to drive, shoot, and die, there's nothing quite like the thrill of a balanced team fight in a tight, controlled environment. At least, that's what Sony Online Entertainment is banking on with its next round of updates.

The company recently announced the addition of Battle Islands, small continents designed for combat between platoons. While details are still limited, Battle Island matches will be set up based on some sort of ranking/certification system, will feature teams of 48 players, and are intended for those looking for more competitive engagements.

The first such Battle Island due for release is Nexus, which boasts rocky terrain, icy caves, and forest-y hills. You can get a closer look at it via two new videos, both of which are after the break.

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