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The Daily Grind: How organized is your inventory?

Eliot Lefebvre

Actually looking through my inventory in most games is a bit like opening up a hoarder den. I don't know why I thought a level 37 blue chestpiece was worth saving in Star Wars: The Old Republic, but for some reason it's there, and it's brought a dozen friends. My inventory in Final Fantasy XIV could be mistaken for a random test dump of inventory items, not to mention that one of my retainers has so much raw meat sitting in his inventory that he may be legally classified as a slaughterhouse.

I don't think we're as good as we should be about keeping our inventories nice and organized. But maybe I'm just a horrible example. So I ask you, dear readers -- how organized is your inventory? Is it a marvel of cleanliness and efficiency, or do you have an entire wing of bank storage dedicated to a purpose you no longer remember, one that involved seemingly random items?

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