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MechWarrior Online stomps out of beta September 17


With systems nominal and within previously stated parameters, MechWarrior Online is proceeding with a version 1.0 launch on September 17. The game has been in open beta since last October, with a current cadre of 1.1 million registered pilots.

Developer Piranha Games noted last year it had earned $5 million from the Founder's Program, which offered a variety of goodies to mech addicts willing to cough up some early cash. Today the company merely shared some in-game stats, which you can check out in the infographic below. If you're not particularly fond of beta-testing, the free-to-play game will be yours to pilot in two months, or you can hop on right now at

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MechWarrior™ Online By the Numbers:
More than 1.1 Million Registered Pilots,
1.0 Launch Date Announced

VANCOUVER – July 3, 2013 – MechWarrior Online developer Piranha Games announced today that the epic BattleTech-inspired online game has exceeded one million registered pilots in its Open Beta and publisher Infinite Game Publishing has pulled back the curtain to reveal some Mech-tastic statistics from the popular free-to-play online game – including the long-awaited 1.0 launch date: September 17th, 2013.

Since the launch of Open Beta, players have spent more than 9.6 million hours or 1100 years playing MechWarrior Online, resulting in the annihilation of more than 46,941,487 Mechs. These loyal fans have lovingly destroyed 3 billion tons of metal on the battlefield, which is 8,359 Empire State Buildings, resulting in devastating carnage across the Inner Sphere, MechWarrior-style. Stacked end to end, these destroyed Mechs would reach to the moon and back 1,221 times. The total cost of this damage is a staggering 18,316,519,465 C-bills.

As far as the economy of the Inner Sphere, the MechWarrior Online player base has earned a whopping 10.1 trillion C-Bills. By comparison, the U.S. GDP is 14.99 trillion USD. The Inner Sphere fires far more missiles than the U.S., however, as 12,623,214,618 missiles have been fired since Open Beta.

This month alone the amount of lasers fired by pilots is a "mere" 2,451,270,519, but who said that Mech power can't be used for good? That's enough raw energy to power 87 million homes for one month.

Join the cause in this AAA free-to-play online game here:


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