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Counter-Strike co-creator debuting Tactical Intervention next month


Minh Le, co-creator of the original Counter-Strike mod in Half-Life, is gearing up to launch his new game Tactical Intervention next month. Tactical Intervention, a multiplayer shooter that similarly pits teams of terrorists against counter-terrorists, will be available worldwide through Steam.

Tactical Intervention was announced in 2010 and initially pegged for launch last year, though Le and developer Fix Korea obviously had to push the game back. In an interview with Joystiq earlier this year, Le recalled his tenure at Valve, the initial insecurity he had in the face of so many "geniuses" that eventually led to his departure and ultimately the creation of Tactical Intervention.

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Coming Soon: Tactical Intervention on Steam
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Berlin, July 3 2013: With Counter-Strike, Minh "Gooseman" Le has created one of the biggest phenomena of the video game world. He co-developed the Half-Life mod which - until today - is one of the most successful tactical shooters and has deeply influenced a whole generation of players and an entire industry.

Having honed his skills for the past seven years at Valve, Minh Le has now partnered with developers from Fix Korea to present his latest stroke of genius: Tactical Intervention. Focused on adrenaline-fueled, action-packed combat, Tactical Intervention is a consistent advancement of the team-based tactical shooter genre. This August, the game will have its worldwide release via Steam, where players can download and play it for free.

Intensive Game Play
Tactical Intervention combines established strengths with innovative features. Based on the classic 'Terrorists vs. Counter-Terrorists' setting, players can expect highly dynamic and intense gameplay. Teamwork, strategic thinking and fast reflexes are absolutely essential for victory. Wielding dozens of authentic weapons, deploying of savage attack dogs, hiding behind tactical shields or hostages, performing a drive-by and rappelling down buildings; these are just some of the features that provide the unique gaming experience that is Tactical Intervention.

Realistic scenarios and new game modes
The thoughtfully designed maps are based on realistic scenarios and offer toe-to-toe confrontations. Among others, terrorist and anti-terrorist units will face each other down in shopping malls, across industrial parks, inside subway stations and on the tops of skyscrapers. Depending on game mode and team selection, players must set up or defuse bombs, rescue or capture hostages or emerge from team death-match duels as winners.

The highway mission represents a brand new challenge for all shooter fans: In a high-speed car chase a VIP needs to be either protected or taken out. In this mode, not only are aiming and tactics of great importance, but players' driving skills are also put to the test. They have to make sure to avoid the helicopter, or find the RPG-7 and take it out.

Tactical Intervention will be released worldwide via Steam this August. For more information about the game please visit the official website at and the Facebook page at

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