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Pokemon X, Y hurl dazzling limited edition 3DS XLs at Japan


A pair of stunning Pokemon X and Y 3DS XLs is coming to lucky, lucky Japan. If you've been holding out on a 3DS for X and Y, or on upgrading to a 3DS XL, you'll likely be crossing all available fingers and toes (and fingers with toes) for the Xerneas-Yveltal Blue and Premium Gold units to head west.

The portables, unveiled along with a new trailer at this week's Japan Expo in Paris, include a 4GB SD card and a pre-installed copy of either X or Y. They're both priced ¥22,000 ($219), but the Gold number is limited to Pokemon Center stores in the country. Check them out in full glossiness past the break.

Another new video courtesy of Game Freak's Junichi Musuda goes into how France inspired the charms of the new Kalos region. You can definitely see Paris in the cobbled streets and, er, the Eiffel Tower-a-like of Lumiose City. Musuda also unveiled another new critter, a Ghost and Steel-type Pokemon called Honedge who for all extents and purposes looks like a floating sword with an eye - how do they come up with this stuff?

Pokemon X and Y choose the entire world on October 12. We've checked in with The Pokemon Company to see if they'll arrive here with any special 3DS units in tow.

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Pokemon X, Y hurl limited edition 3DS XLs at JapanPokemon X, Y hurl limited edition 3DS XLs at Japan

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