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Breakfast Topic: Will microtransactions be the end of WoW?

Since datamined information from patch 5.4 have pointed to an in-game store selling XP buffs, the WoW community has been in a tizzy over it. Is an in-game store a sign that WoW may be moving to a free-to-play system, supported by microtransactions? Or that Blizzard is just trying to milk every dime from their dwindling playerbase? Or, more importantly, with as fast as leveling is these days, who really needs a 100% XP buff anyway? (After all, you can get this same effect for free by doing daily quests as a monk.)

Of course, as with all datamined information, all we're working with is speculation: we've yet to hear a peep from Blizzard on what their plans are and this may turn out to be a lot of fuss over nothing at all. But while we wait for Blizzard's official take, we can't help but wonder. So tell us what you think, readers! Will more microtransactions drive you off... or would a potential free-to-play transition bring you back into the game?

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