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Patch 5.4 PTR: Legendary spell effects for all (druids included)

Anne Stickney

In case you were thinking the legendary cloaks in patch 5.4 weren't really flashy, think again. MMO-Champion has discovered new spell effects for the legendary cloaks that are pretty gorgeous. The cloaks are not available on the PTR as of yet, but it appears that they are some kind of spell effect proc similar to the procs displayed by Challenge Mode armor sets, rather than being on and flashy all the time.

Although discussion about the fact that we're getting legendary cloaks rather than weapons has been pretty heated, a lot of the discussion boils down to the fact that cloak graphics are regularly turned off by many players, leaving them feeling a little uninspired by Wrathion's last offering. Are the ultra-flashy spell procs just the thing to change the minds of players? Good question -- but MMO-Champion has put together a video of all four spell procs, available after the break.

Please note that this is datamined material. Spell effects, visuals, and the procs themselves may change over time before patch 5.4 hits live servers.

While nothing in the above video may be finalized, you have to admit that the spell effects are pretty legendary in and of themselves. The fact that this is a proc-based spell effect rather than something that constantly appears on your character seems to have been confirmed by Community Manager Lore on the official forums, along with a tidbit of information that ought to make shapeshifting druids incredibly happy.

As the legendary spell effects are tied to the procs and not the cloak graphics themselves, they will still display even if your cloak is hidden. That includes Druid forms. :)

Considering the fact that armor completely disappears on shapeshifted druids, it's nice to see that they'll still be seeing a visual mark of their legendary prowess one way or another. What do you think of the spell effects? If you were doubting a cloak, do the new visuals make it feel a little more legendary to you?

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