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App store freebies: birds, blades and badlands


Some of the most popular and celebrated iOS games are currently as free as a bird - a tiny-winged bird, that is. Yes, Andreas Illiger's adorable Tiny Wings is one of several big-name apps going free at the moment, and while nothing's been announced as yet, our spider sense tell us this has something to do with the App Store's fifth anniversary, which Apple is celebrating on Wednesday, July 10.

Freebies spotted so far include Epic's Infinity Blade 2, the delicious Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery: EP, Disney's charming Where's My Water, and the beautiful Badland. We'll keep an eye out for others, but for now we're going to stare at you with one eyebrow raised and wonder why you're still reading this instead of loading up the App Store.

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