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Google announces updated Maps app coming to iOS 'soon'


Google Maps is already the go-to navigation application for many iOS users, but not being one to rest on its own popularity, Google will be rolling out an enhanced update of its popular map app with several new features.

The update -- which the company notes will be arriving "soon" for iOS devices -- adds a new location-browsing feature that highlights highly reviewed restaurants and retailers in your area, along with a new review guide courtesy of Zagat. While you're out and about, the new Google Maps will use its integrated Google Offers functionality to alert you of deals you may be driving by.

Additionally, a new navigation system will alert you of poor traffic conditions and then take steps to reroute you in order to hasten your arrival. It will also update your route as you drive if a quicker path opens up. Google notes that the update will require your iPad or iPhone to be updated to at least iOS 6.

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