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Star Trek Online encourages fleets to pretty up their mines

Eliot Lefebvre

Captains of Star Trek Online, we ask you -- is your fleet's Dilithium Mine nice and pretty? Of course not; it's a mine. You're digging up valuable minerals, not holding a nice dinner party. But you could still opt for a foyer that's at least a little more welcoming, put up some nice viewports... you get the idea. In fact, the next special fleet project will allow you to do just that, turning your entryway into something... not beautiful, but less miserable!

As with other special projects, this project must be started during the designated event period (between July 11th and July 25th), but it can be continued even after the event ends. Completion removes some floor space for a nicer view, allows extra space to display environmental suits, and generally makes your mine's entryway less drab. So yes, the captain still needs to toil away at mining, but at least the path to mining can feel somewhat swanky.

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