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Time Inc. allows iPad users to try before they buy


The iPad is an incredible entertainment platform that has been a game changer for magazine publishers. But when it comes to picking up a new title the newsstand still has one major advantage; the ability to browse an issue before buying it. It's an advantage publisher Time Inc. has noticed and aimed to fix with a new try-it-before-you-buy-it option for their iPad magazines.

Now you'll be limited in which articles you'll be able to check out, which is sort of like browsing a magazine with pages ripped out. The addition of previews for iPad magazines is a major shift in Time Inc.'s approach to iPad magazine publishing. According to AllThingsD, the company says the change was made possible due to a change in their Adobe-powered backend that allows them to easily change what content is and isn't available for free.

Time's relationship with Apple has been complicated. They were slow to make their content available for subscription in the Apple Newsstand, first making their titles like People, Sports Illustrated and Entertainment Weekly available on the service in June 2012. The Apple Newsstand debuted in October of 2011.

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