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Dog Days of Summer: A blogger and his dog


TUAW blogger Richard Gaywood is admired by many in the Apple community for his insightful, well-reasoned, and often mathematically rigorous treaties on a variety of tech topics. But what his fans don't know is that Richard has a writing assistant who provides both input and editing expertise.

When we began the Dog Days of Summer series, Rich was kind enough to share this image of himself with his assistant at his side. Regretfully, I have forgotten both the dog's name and breed, and I'm hoping that Rich's assistant will pop into this post and add that important information soon.

[UPDATE: Rich here. I can confirm that my dog's name is Jake and that the commenters guessing at greyhounds and whippets were close -- but not quite there. He's a lurcher, a cross-breed of sighthounds with pastoral working dogs. They're quite common here in the UK, having originated in Ireland where they were traditionally used for poaching. Jake was rescued by the RSPCA from a litter born in 2004, so I'm not sure exactly of his ancestry; some border collie, and some greyhound, but also a bit of deerhound. You can see this in his size -- at almost 65 pounds, he's quite a bit heavier than most sighthounds -- and also his beard and shaggy coat. You can see more pictures of Jake and his sister, Daisy, on my personal blog.]

We'll have at least one more picture of this intelligent [Rich again: he's actually as dumb as a box of hammers, but I love him anyway] pooch in the near future; meanwhile, if you have a photo of your favorite canine at work or relaxing with an Apple product, we'd love to see it. Please remember -- your submission has to have some sort of connection to Apple products...

For security reasons we can't accept inbound attachments, so you should host the photo (Dropbox, Flickr, iPhoto Journals, etc.) and send us the link.

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