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Valve debuts Pipeline, a portal for teens seeking the greatest internship ever


Valve is proving its unicorn status amongst game developers once again. This time, by hiring a group of handsome teenagers to work within its secretive walls. Pipeline is the latest experiment from the company famous for resonance cascades, and its focus is prepping high schoolers for a career in game design. The website was created by these interns to answer inquiries teenagers consistently ask Valve; questions pertaining to college choice, areas of study and what it's like to work on video games. In the team's self-created clip, video editor Nathaniel says Pipeline is a test to see how a group of younger employees can adapt to the company's unique organizational structure.

The site's mainly a FAQ right now, but the plan is to build it around user-submitted queries. Pipeline's illustrator Melanie promises future video series and interviews covering different aspects of development including art, sound design and filming. If Newell and co.'s newest employees being barely older than Gordon Freeman's first adventure doesn't make you jealous, this just might: They probably know more about Half-Life 3 than you.

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