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Far Cry 4 'clearly' going to happen, Ubisoft says


Ubisoft will pursue a sequel to Far Cry 3, Senior VP of Marketing and Sales Tony Key has announced plainly.

"It's a great brand, and now it's got the recognition it deserves, so we're clearly going to make another one: more on that soon," Key told GameSpot. That recognition comes from combined retail and digital sales to the tune of 6 million as of May, making the game one of Ubisoft's top recent performers alongside Assassin's Creed 3 and Just Dance 4.

A standalone spinoff to Far Cry 3, titled Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon, was released back in April. It stars sergeant Rex "Power" Colt, a cyber-commando up against the Omega Force cyborg army in an alternate 2007, ravaged by nuclear war and '80s action movie references. Our review says it "broadens the appeal of its source, thanks to a hilarious, accessible dollop of nostalgia, coated in the mechanics that made Far Cry 3 great."

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