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NHL 94 Anniversary mode is offline only in favor of couch co-op


NHL 94 Anniversary mode, a homage to the SNES and Sega Genesis hockey games of yesteryear, will not be playable online in NHL 14. When asked why this mode wasn't online-compatible, an EA representative told Joystiq it was to recreate the social experience of playing together with buddies on the same couch – like in the old games.
"With the NHL 94 Anniversary mode our goal was to recreate the social experience that so many gamers had on the couch next to their friends. This is the mode you play when friends come over and you're up for some friendly old school hockey competition."

NHL 14 is currently in development at EA Canada for the Xbox 360 and PS3. The game features updated collision physics modified from the FIFA series' Player Impact Engine. Last month, the NHL 14 cover was awarded to the New Jersey Devil's Martin Brodeur.

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