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Deus Ex: The Fall patch restores missing gunplay


Deus Ex: The Fall is now playable, in full, on any iOS device, regardless of its jailbroken status. When The Fall launched earlier this month, it included a surprise feature that blocked all guns from firing on jailbroken devices. Square Enix never announced this feature beforehand, so some players were miffed (and out $7).

Jailbreaking opens a phone up for customization not intended by the provider and it voids a device's warranty, but it's not illegal.

Today's patch removes this feature and allows guns to fire on all devices, including jailbroken ones, as Square Enix promised. The patch also tweaks other parts of the game for everyone: It improves enemy AI, increases XP rewards and the amount of credits earned throughout the game, improves damage and accuracy of the Combat Rifle, increases Shotgun damage, and reduces some weapon costs, including the high-end Plasma Rifles and Rocket Launchers.

Deus Ex: The Fall runs on iPad 3 or better, iPad Mini, iPhone 4S and above, and iPod Touch 5 and above. It's available in the App Store – before buying, give our review a look. We found The Fall to be enjoyable, yet hollow.

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