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WoW Moviewatch: The Legend of the Sister Blade

Anne Stickney

I recently had a friend that went through a serious bout of farming to obtain the Battered Hilt. They were after the weapon for transmog, but while completing the quest chain, they had a lot of questions about the blade's origins and how it came to be. Rather than type a short novel's worth of explanation, I simply pointed them at The Legend of the Sister Blade, which does an absolutely perfect job of illustrating the entire story in machinima format. After my friend's exclamations over the video, I realized perhaps more people might want to see this little masterpiece of storytelling.

Created by Melvenor, The Legend of the Sister Blade tells the tale of Quel'Delar and how it eventually came to rest in Northrend -- but it also ties in the tale of the high elf who would eventually become Blood Queen Lana'thel as well. Featuring a gorgeously dissonant arrangement of Lament of the Highborne by Katethegreat, The Legend of the Sister Blade isn't really a funny song parody or comedic story -- it's simply the lore of Warcraft brought to life. Although Wrath is long over, the stories told in the expansion still remain some of more eerie, haunting, and beautifully written tales we've seen, and Melvenor's recounting of Quel'Delar's origins still remains one of my favorite machinimas from the expansion.

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