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AMD Q2 2013 earnings: net loss of $74 million, expects 'a return to profitability' next quarter

Darren Murph

First, the rough news: AMD saw just $1.16 billion in revenue for its Q2 2013, and actually took a net loss of $74 million (and an operating loss of $29 million). That's an 18 percent decrease in revenue year-over-year, but CEO Rory Read says that things are looking up. "Our focus on restructuring and transforming AMD resulted in improved financial results," noting that AMD "expects significant revenue growth and a return to profitability in the third quarter."

That's a pretty bold statement given the continued decline in the PC market, but the outfit's graphical department seems to be doing fairly well. In fact, AMD's Graphics reportable segment has been renamed Graphics and Visual Solutions, and the outfit gleefully points out that AMD silicon is baked inside of the Wii U, Sony's upcoming PlayStation 4 and Microsoft's Xbox One. What isn't precisely clear, however, is the expected market change that'll finally turn the tide for AMD -- the world's watching for Q3, folks.

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