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iWork for iCloud beta invites expand the pool of access


As work continues on Apple's newest cloud application suite, iWork for iCloud, the circle of access for non-developers appears to be widening. We reported back on July 3 that some iCloud users were already seeing the beta versions of the web productivity apps in their iCloud dashboards, although Apple hadn't made any noticeable announcements about expanding the beta pool.

Yesterday, however, MacRumors noted that some readers were getting actual email invitations to join the iWork for iCloud beta. The email encourages users to log into iCloud and try the apps, and to provide Apple with feedback on them. Given that there are still a few key features yet to be implemented (printing, for instance) you won't want to turn to the beta web versions for day-to-day use, but it's certainly nice to see the early editions getting some expanded exposure.

I was surprised to see the beta versions showing up in my own iCloud dashboard this morning, but it's possible they've been there for a while. Sure enough, all my iPad-based Keynote presentations are present and editable -- and since most of those are long out of date, I might as well delete them and free up some storage space. Thanks for the reminder, iCloud!

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