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Star Trek Online state of the game update talks Season 8, reputation, and more

Jef Reahard

Star Trek Online executive producer Dan Stahl has posted a new state-of-the-game letter. Much of the post is a recap of the Legacy of Romulus expansion success and a thank you to STO supporters.

Stahl does talk a bit about the Season 8 update which will release "later this year." It will focus on endgame missions for all factions as well as the game's first Space Adventure Zone. Also in the works is a new reputation system that represents a "major shift" from the current mechanic that Cryptic hopes will make it "more approachable than some of the previous systems."

There's also a bit of info about Season 8's Feature Episode, as well as a mention of "a major investment in Gateway" to upgrade STO's web and mobile functionality. You can read the full letter via the links below.

[Thanks matixzun!]

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