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Persona 3: The Movie's dark hour approaches in Japan


Persona 3 The Movie will appear on midnight channels - or cinemas, to be specific - all across Japan starting November 23. The animated adaptation of the Atlus PS2 RPG is labelled #1: Spring of Birth, and as such is expected to be the first in a series of films, although there's been no confirmation of that.

A new trailer shows the game's male protagonist - no sign of P3 Portable's leading lady - alongside the familiar SEES faces of Mitsuru, Fuka, Junpei, and Yukari among others. Tickets go on sale in Japan on August 10, while on this side of the ocean there's no news regarding possible localization. Fans shouldn't lose all hope, though, given the western arrival of anime series Persona 4: The Animation last year, a localization we feel set an appreciably high standard.

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