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Star Trek Online ships veteran rewards to Romulans


Star Trek Online's veteran reward program is expanding to compensate for the influx of Romulans into the mix. Starting today, Cryptic Studios has added several new Romulan-themed rewards for players who have subscribed for a good amount of time.

The rewards start at 200 days and go up to 1,000 days. At the lower end are snappy uniforms and a zippy little small craft, while the senior veterans are looking at an exclusive material option to change the skin of their ship. At the top of the reward tier is the powerful Daeinos-class heavy warbird. This ship comes with the option to switch between regenerative and tactical modes, offering a flexible approach to battles.

The Romulan veteran rewards will roll out on July 25th, and lifetime subscribers will receive all of them regardless of the date on which they purchased the pass.

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