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iPhone owners in the UK get more 4G coverage through EE


The UK is trailing behind other countries when it comes to 4G availability. Right now there's only one mobile operator -- EE -- offering 4G. That's set to change by the end of the year when virtually every carrier in the UK will offer the super-fast mobile internet service. But if you're already on EE, you'll be happy to know that the company has expanded its 4G service to another 10 UK cities this week.

As of today, EE customers in Altrincham, Bedford, Camberley, Crawley, Farnborough, Farnham, Maidstone, Rochdale, Tonbridge and Welwyn Garden City will be able to get 4G service to their compatible iPhones and iPads. The addition of the new cities mean EE's 4G covers 60 percent of the UK now.

However, even if you're in one of the 10 new cities, you may want to wait a bit more before you sign up for a 4G EE contract. When the other mobile operators start offering 4G later this year, plan prices are sure to drop as more competition floods the UK market.

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