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Free Software Foundation drives fundraising effort for 'fully free' Replicant Android fork


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Android variants come in various guises, some liberating, some a bit cheeky, and others, entirely free. Free, as in free to you, and free from any kind of licensing issues -- and Replicant is one such example. The project has been around since 2010, but a new fundraising initiative by the Free Software Foundation promises to give it a vital boost. The key difference with Replicant and many other Android spin-offs is that it doesn't rely on proprietary software for it to play nice with vendor hardware. While most of Android is free, it's at this hardware interface level that things get a bit more complex. The FSF hopes that by driving investment towards Replicant more hardware can be supported, in turn opening the OS up to even more users. Sound like something you can get behind? Head over to the source and show your support.

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