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Indie Speed Run game jam judged by Notch, Molyneux, Fargo, more


Indie Speed Run has nothing to do with running or Speed (we hope), but it is all about indie developers, whether amateur, student or professional – and registration is open now. It's a 48-hour game jam set to begin in September, judged by industry luminaries Peter Molyneux, Notch, Suda51, Ron Gilbert, Dan Pinchbeck, Kim Swift, Trent Oster, Brian Provinciano, Brian Fargo, Matthew Davis, Justin Ma, Jason Rohrer, Ian Dallas and Andrew Spinks.

Participants will get a unique theme and element to incorporate into their games, but this year there's an option to throw out these initial constraints and get two new, final ones. There will also be 15 live jam locations around the world.

First prize takes home $2,500 and is chosen by Zero Punctuation's Ben Croshaw from 15 judge-nominated games. Second prize is $1,000, picked by players during the games' Free Play phase in October, and the last prize is $500, chosen by Indie Speed Run founders Mike Kayatta, Nick Burch, and Steve Coleman.

Check out and play last year's finalists, including the winner, Protein Pirates, right here. Ready, set, code!

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