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Netflix adds profile support to Apple TV, iOS apps

Mel Martin

If you're a Netflix subscriber, you may know the pain of having multiple people in your household whose tastes in movies may mess up your profile. You like action and adventure films, but one of the kids wants animated kids movies and poof, your profile is a mess.

Netflix is rolling out fixes for that, beginning today. You can add up to five separate profiles, so people will get suggestions based on their specific likes and dislikes. They will also see their own Recently Watched and Instant Queue lists.

The new feature is expected to roll out to iOS devices, Blu-ray players, smart TV's and other devices over the next few days. Apple TV is included.

For now, you'll have to set up the new profiles in the Netflix website, but I wouldn't be surprised to see the ability to create or add profiles added to iOS and other devices soon.

Adding individual profiles is good for users, but it's also good for Netflix, who decides what content to buy based on having good access to user choices. A Netflix spokesperson says about 75-80 percent of what is watched on Netflix comes from the recommendation engine, not user searches.

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