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Basement Crawl inspired by Spy vs. Spy and Bomberman, headed to PS4


If you have no qualms with being the thing that goes bump in the night, Blooper Games' Basement Crawl will offer a multiplayer-focused platform to murder your friends.

Creative Director Peter Bielatowicz describes Basement Crawl as a skill-focused, maze-based 2.5D action game that focuses on setting traps for opponents. Bielatowicz wants it to be "as skill-based as possible" and is working to "exclude the luck factor and remove the dependence on leveling-up characters."

Blooper Games plans to offer 4-player local play, 8-player online play and combinations of both as scenarios to host the destruction of friendships. Stand-in bots will be available for a friend's absence during single player campaigns.

Basement Crawl is being developed for the PS4 launch window, but its release date is yet to be determined.

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