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#Leaving: Chris Messina exits Google for NeonMob's digital art platform


If it weren't for Chris Messina, #FirstWorldProblems wouldn't exist. Since creating hashtags back in 2007 as way of grouping online conversations, he's spent his time focusing on design and the open web at Google. Perhaps more accurately, redesign. Messina is responsible for the search giant's revamped brand badges, profiles and +1 button, as well as helping create the Google Developers knowledge base. After over three years at Mountain View's cavernous digs though, he's leaving for something a little more intimate. Starting next week, he'll call NeonMob -- a sort of online art / trading card / sticker collecting-hybrid start-up -- home. There, he'll focus on the site's growth and new media-activities like building a community. Oh, and as of right now, he's two pieces shy of completing his first sticker set. Maybe if you help him out, he'll return the favor -- it kind of is his job, after all.

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