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Gods will be watching you play Gods Will Be Watching


Gods Will Be Watching was a Ludum Dare game jam project that had players survive 40 days in a virus-prone, wintry forest with crew members teetering on the edge of insanity and no contact to the outside world – unless you fixed the radio. Maybe. Developer Deconstructeam took this original idea and expanded it into a full game of moral choices, torture and "just following orders," and asked for 8,000€ on Indiegogo. So far the team has raised 14,981€ and has 12 days to go.

The full version of Gods Will Be Watching will feature six levels, new cinematics and a fresh empathy system that improves the game's AI. The levels will include running a hostage situation, where players must maintain a balance of calm and terror in the hostages, and possibly kill one (or two, or three) as an example to the other victims. Another level gives the protagonist 48 hours to live as a virus works its way through his body and he tests experimental vaccines on his colleagues to find the cure. And, of course, there's the "survive 20 days of torture" level.

Play the original Gods Will Be Watching here for a taste of the moral and scientific conundrums facing players in the full game. Gods Will Be Watching should launch on PC, Mac, Linux and mobile with this funding, and the next stretch goal of 25,000€ will add online leaderboards.

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