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Venus Rising now in alpha with 'thousands of active users'

Jef Reahard

Venus Rising, the adult-oriented MMO formerly known as Orgia Romanus, is now in alpha testing. Developer FoxySoft has issued a press release which boasts "thousands of active users."

"This game is going to change the way adults play MMORP games," says FoxySoft CEO Alex Allen. "Until now gamers had to choose between high quality roleplaying games or adult entertainment. With Venus Rising they get both."

The title also has a crowdfunding presence on InvestedIn. FoxySoft says that "early adopters of the game have long-term gameplay advantages such as exclusive land purchases, access to first movers-only areas in the game, lifetime VIP subscription, and much more." We've embedded Allen's crowdfunding pitch video after the break.

[Source: FoxySoft press release]

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