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Cheeky scam artist puts apples in iPhone boxes, sells them to unsuspecting woman


Buying pricey electronics from a private seller is never advised, but when a woman in Brisbane, Australia met with a seller at a local McDonalds to purchase a pair of "new" iPhones, she figured she was safe. As the Herald Sun reports, after buying what appeared to be two new iPhone boxes from the seller for a total of $1,500 AUD (approx. US$1,300), she returned home to find that the boxes contained actual apples in place of Apple smartphones.

The scam began on a UK classifieds site called Gumtree where users can post free ads for items, as well as ads stating they are willing to buy specific goods. The victim in this case posted an ad saying she was looking to buy two iPhones.

Of course, the thief's plan would have quickly unraveled if the buyer would have simply opened the boxes to verify their contents. I mean really, always check the box, people, or you're asking for trouble.

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