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Adobe Reader 11 for iOS adds PDF conversion, but it'll cost you


When we're not wandering through an eerie wilderness or virtually feng shuing our pads, life occasionally calls for us to be productive on our mobile devices. To ensure we are, Adobe has updated its Reader app for iOS with all kinds of new PDF conversion features. The addition of CreatePDF means you can now turn images, various MS Office files and other formats into PDFs from within the app. ExportPDF, as the names suggests, is another new service that does the reverse, allowing you to create Office or RTF docs from PDFs. These features come at price, though, as they're activated through in-app purchases -- ExportPDF costs $19.99 / £13.99 per year and a CreatePDF subscription (which includes ExportPDF) goes for $89.99 / £59.99. Any chance we can pay you in hugs, Adobe?

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