Limbo now available for iOS, terrifies gamers with its elegant simplicity

Starting today, Limbo, the 2D side-scrolling game that both charmed and terrified us on Xbox 360 and Playstation 3, is available for iOS devices. Dino Patti, the CEO of indie developer Playdead, tweeted the announcement about the game's launch with a link to the iTunes store, and from early reviews, the iOS port doesn't disappoint. Limbo tells the story of a young boy searching for his sister in an eerie monochromatic landscape; the game's restrained visuals and minimalistic sound effects are guaranteed to haunt you long after you stop playing. Both new gamers and fans who've come to love Limbo on their consoles can get their scares on the go -- for the price of $4.99 -- by heading over to the source link below.