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Community Blog Topic: Should all classes get a fourth spec?


This week's Community Blog Topic is "Should all classes get a fourth spec?"

Our Scott Andrews recently gave his answer, saying no, but offering a radical option for Blizzard to take in the form of dual class dual spec. I'm a proponent of neither, but for the interest of discussion -- and to satisfy my whimsical needs -- I will list what fourth specs could be for most of the classes.

  • Mages could have a melee DPS spec and be able to dual wield a staff and sword, just like Gandalf. Most of their spells, rather than working at range, would enhance the damage and capabilities of their weapons.
  • Warlocks could get a heal spec in the form of sucking the life from mobs and spreading it around to one or more group members. And they could have a pet that helps heal as well. I know that most warlocks would prefer a tank spec, but I see the possibilities of both.

  • Priests could get a tank spec, making use of their bubbles and getting an extra self-heal or three.
  • Shamans could become that support class that Ghostcrawler hinted at. They could be provided with dynamic buffs as well as being the go to class for interrupts and other utility skills.
  • Monks already have the biggest pockets known to Azeroth. They carry around multiple kegs of brew among other potions. So they could have a ranged DPS spec that includes throwing martial arts stars and other items, as well as beefing up their lightning spell.
  • Hunters could get a tank spec with the appropriate traps and pets for the job.
  • Rogues could be ranged DPS, using bows, guns, throwing weapons, etc. -- though really that would make them more of a petless hunter, taking away all of the sneaky, backstabbing fun of being a rogue.
I've got nothing for death knights, warriors or paladins and druids already have four specs. What I would really want for classes is class-specific storylines with quests to go with them, just like Star Wars: The Old Republic.

What do you think? Should classes other than druids get four specs in the next expansion pack? If so, what should they be? If not, what do you suggest for enhancing our current classes? Blog your answer and link to it in the comments below. Or, if you don't have a World of Warcraft related blog, just leave your response in the comments.

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