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Guild Wars 2's new wallet helps you simplify, dude


Guild Wars 2 players who have logged in this week have a new present waiting for them: the Guild Wars 2 Unlimited Edition Wallet-o-Matic (velcro tabs optional). Maybe you thought that the old way of storing all of your loose bills, family photos, and tokens was just fine, but trust us, your inventory was a mess. All the duct tape in the world couldn't keep it organized.

In a new dev blog, ArenaNet explains why it made the wallet a priority for the August release: "Inventory management can be a tedious and time consuming part of playing almost any MMO. For many of you, tokens and badges and currencies were all separated across your different characters."

The new wallet has become a central depository for the game 16 or so currencies. The only catch to using it is that you have to log onto each of your characters to have all of their tokens and gold automatically transferred into the wallet.

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