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Google now showing 'relevant ads' in Google Maps app for iOS


Google yesterday announced that it has switched on "relevant ads" in Google Maps for iOS and Android. In a blog posting announcing the ads, Google said:

Relevant ads on the Google Maps app can now appear at the bottom of the screen after a user performs a search. They include a title, ad text and a link to get directions. Users can tap or swipe upward to see more information -- this is a new click type known as "Get location details" and results in a standard CPC charge.

When users click on an ad to get location details, they'll see additional information such as the business's address, phone number, photos, reviews and more. From here, there are a number of paid and free click actions they can take. Free actions include saving business information for later, sharing a business with a friend or starting navigation. Aggregated reporting for these free clicks is available in your account.

While Google is superior to Apple in the mapping category, the addition of ads in Google Maps gives Apple's Maps a much-needed advantage as the company is unlikely to introduce ads in its mapping app. In fact, the addition of ads to Google Maps may be enough for some people to switch back to Apple's Maps.

Google Maps for iOS is a free download.

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