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Judge denies Apple request in e-book case


The first of the many Apple legal rulings and requests expected today came out poorly for the company. Judge Denise Cote refused a request by Apple for a temporary suspension of her ruling last month stating that Apple had conspired with publishers to raise e-book prices and violated antitrust laws.

Just yesterday, the e-book publishers the company allegedly conspired with came to Apple's defense, asking the increasingly hostile Department of Justice to do away with a proposal to "remedy" the allegedly "illegal" activities Apple engaged in.

As our sister site Engadget notes, "It appears that Apple is fighting a losing battle. We're sure that there are still tricks in its legal arsenal, but there is little indication that Cupertino will be able to avoid terminating its existing agreements and will be barred from engaging in agency pricing before the end of the DoJ's five-year ban."

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