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ZTE Open smartphone with Firefox OS to be sold on eBay for $80

Sharif Sakr

Yes, the ZTE Open is hauling its laggy self to America by way of the manufacturer's eBay store. Early adopters who want to get a head start with Firefox OS, or regular buyers looking for a cheap device that can handle things like Nokia HERE maps and social networking integration, will be able to Buy It Now for $79.99 (or £59.99 in the eBay UK store). They'll receive the unlocked, global variant of the Open, which is "not optimized for specific networks," and they'll get it in the orange color scheme that will be exclusive to eBay. There's no sign of the fixed-price listing on the auction site as yet, and we're not sure exactly when it'll go live, but people are already bidding on an official-looking import from Hong Kong, for which the price currently stands at $51 including P&P.

Update: We originally reported that this phone would "exclusively" be available on eBay, but that's only half true -- it looks like the exclusivity solely applies to the orange-colored variant in the US, so we've fixed the article to reflect that.

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