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Grand Theft Auto 5 travelogue helps plan your trip to Los Santos


The Grand Theft Auto 5 website is now a one-stop tourist information center for Los Santos and Blaine County, featuring information about the local healthcare system, politics, economy, cars and attractions. It's all presented in typical paradise-vacation fashion, with even the most seedy aspects of Los Santos sprayed with the perfume of clever phrasing:

"The streets are alive with all kinds of characters who coordinate clothing colors and enjoy leisurely pursuits such as territory clashes and pharmaceutical commerce." How quaint.

The travelogue features 10 information squares, with 10 more "coming soon," including a look at "local artisans" (tattoo artists) and "security and peace of mind" (weapons and drugs). Currently, it appears the GTA5 site has issues loading in Chrome, but using a different browser should fix that right up.

One thing we've already learned from Los Santos: If it's written in friendly font, even "a true paradise of golf courses, strip malls, environmental degradation and trailer parks" can sound appealing.

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