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The Queue: Starting the legendary now, choppin' some wood, new models


Welcome back to The Queue, the daily Q&A column in which the WoW Insider team answers your questions about the World of Warcraft. Adam Holisky (@adamholisky) will be your host today.

I kinda like listing the topics in the Queue each morning. Let's make this a thing this week.

You know what also is a thing? My awesome shaman. I always have such an easy time healing with him. Really need to make this my main the next expansion I think; so much fun (Earth Shield + Spam Small Heal = 100% mana throughout the fight while AFKing watching episodes of Dexter).

Mike asked:

I'm wondering if it's worth bothering with the legendary questline.

I didn't get into it until a few weeks ago. (My current raiding toon [on whom I've never raided previously] only had 2-3 sigils when she was suddenly parachuted onto a raid team who was already running ToT. I picked it back up ~2 weeks ago, LFR'd myself until I got all the sigils, and I'm currently grinding VP for the Test of Valour quest.)

What are the odds that I'll get anywhere near the cloak while it's still relevant? I'm not adverse to running LFR for the runestones/secrets, but is it going to be weeks of work for no real payoff beyond lore-related feelzies?

I'm going to start off with Skarn's answer, then add my own musings.

Lore-related feelzies is enough for me, but obviously not everyone is me. :) Let's see, quick rough math:

3 weeks to get the Valor.

1 day, 1 week or 1 month to do the PvP. How do you do at PvP?

If you do all the ToT and Siege LFR you can...averaging 3 Secrets per week - 7 weeks.

Average of 2 Runestones a week - 6 weeks.

Time to complete the solo scenario after Secrets and the Celestial challenge after Runestones? Up to you, but could be one day or several.

The final step on the Isle should take no more than a week.

So...16 weeks/4 months to full completion. Longer if you have trouble with PvP. It may not be that bad though, you might have better droprates on Secrets and Runestones. To get it all done in 2 months you'd need a rate of 6 Secrets per week and 4 Runestones. Maybe since you can get them from Siege too, you'll get lucky. Maybe not.


I think he's spot on with the time frame. I don't think that it's going to be a huge deal to complete though, especially since we know that the drops are going to be easier to get (they'll be in SoO). The other thing to consider is that the story line is good (which isn't lore, perse, but just a good story), and that just completing it will be a sign of accomplishment. Now some people are going to say that because so many other people are doing it, that the accomplishment is diminished. But it's not -- it's still just as cool.

Bottom line -- the next expansion isn't going to be out in November. So you might as well get started and do the chain, have fun with it! I'm sure that having the cloak will help you out leveling in when we all head b[READACTED] [REDACTED].

BrickFrog asked:

What tradeskills could be added, if any?

Woodworking and lumber jack. Seriously. I want to build a boat.

And then I want to get on the boat.

And then do other stupid things.

Alright, so beyond that, something that could be associated with a major new feature of the game, say, something that required building and furniture. There's an entire area that could be explored and include some really fun gameplay. And think of the lore too -- a night elf lumber jack? That'd be a neat story.

My only plea here is that if we do ever get something like this, that restro druids that die in tree form can be chopped up.

Skyreiser asked:

When they introduce the new character models will this also update the NPC's and mobs that use the same or similar models out in the world? Or, will we be looking amazing(hopefully) next to the terrible older models?

My guess is that every NPC will be updated, but we don't know. Again I'll voice my discontent here with Blizzard -- they need to release new models at BlizzCon. I really think this should have came a lot sooner, but I really don't know how a major graphics overhaul isn't going to happen at this point.

PS: Edward James Olmos on Dexter? Amazing.

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