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Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition returns following Atari contract issues


Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition is once again available to buy through the App Store and distributor Beamdog's site, two months after its removal from those locations at Atari's request. Producer Phillip Daigle confirmed the RPG remake's return.

An email apparently sent out by Beamdog CEO Trent Oster, posted on Reddit and sent to us by a reader, says "all outstanding issues with our publishing partner have been resolved." Oster had previously identified the issue-having "publishing partner" as Atari, who requested the game's removal because of contract matters, a month before Atari Inc. auctioned its assets.

The email also mentions a "major" BG:EE patch, as well as details on the unreleased Android version of BG:EE. We've reached out to Beamdog to confirm.

In our deja review, we said Enhanced Edition was a careful, if not colossal, rework of the BioWare classic: "BG:EE's tune-ups, additions, and even its graphical tweaks aren't there to dazzle, but simply to enhance. If Baldur's Gate is the seminal face of BioWare's RPG beginnings, then Enhanced Edition is its graceful make-up, and Overhaul the doting stylist straining to make sure it all blends in."

[Thanks Jochem, Jason!]

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